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The new Chemical Brothers' album cover leaked


Mr. Zdeeck, 18:17:10 16.04.2009, přečteno 1005x
Sekce: Kultura

The upcoming Chemical Brothers' album!I'm happy to announce that few days ago the cover and the name of the upcoming 2009 Chemical Brothers' album was leaked on the PirateBay! The name "Gotta Get High" is the obvious pun on the 2003 hit single "Get Yourself High" featuring Canadian rapper K-OS (have you seen this video, BTW?). I've got the feeling, according to "Explicit content" sticker, that we can expect further use of rappers (I mean massive kick-ass-ghetto-gangsta-shit) on the record, which cannot be bad, right? So guys, I guess we tune our speakers, turn the volume on subwoofers to the "Are you nuts?" level and start the party!

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